Want to Save Money? Fly on a Tuesday!

airplaneFinding cheap airfare is a talent. Thankfully, these days the internet has tools and information that can help you save time and money when booking your flights.

CheapAir.com looked at more than four million domestic flights in the United States, starting in 2014, and concluded that that the cheapest days of the week to fly are Tuesday and Wednesday – probably because most people prefer not to travel in the middle of the week. Alternatively, you’ll pay premium to fly on Friday evening, the beginning of the weekend. The findings even quantify the differences in monetary terms: an average low airfare on a Tuesday or Wednesday is $373.00, whereas on a Sunday the price jumps to $440.00 – a difference of $67.00.

Below is a chart with CheapAir.com’s findings:

cheapair-infographic-average low airfare day of week[4][1]