Top Flight Tips To Pass Even The Longest Flights

flightFlying can be an adventure, and sometimes a nightmare, but there is no kind of trip that has the potential to combine the two of those things quite like a long plane flight. You want to make your long flight as pleasant as you can whether you’re flying between the East and the West Coast, hopping across the pond, or taking a direct, grueling 16-plus-hour flight around the world. Here are some tips on how to make your long plane flight seem short.

Know What You’ll Need When You Pack

The first thing to remember is not to put anything you’re going to want during the flight in your checked baggage. The airline-approved entertainment on long flights tends to be pretty good, but that all depends on the airline. Why take the chance? If you plan on working while you fly, we probably don’t have to remind you to have all of your work in your carry-on. If you just plan on relaxing, make sure to pack all of your in-flight entertainment like your phone, tablet or computer, books, and magazines. Sound-cancelling headphones are also a must.

Knowing what to bring on the plane also plays a part in what you wear

What Not to Wear

Avoid wearing anything constricting. Tight clothes restrict blood flow and can lead to deep vein thrombosis, a dangerous side effect of sitting still for too long in low cabin pressure. Most of the time, plane flights are pretty chilly, so don’t just go in shorts. Don’t wear bulky shoes that will be hard to take off and then take up too much room by your feet. Take something warm but light, that you can remove and use as a pillow or blanket if needed, like a nice hoodie, long sleeve t-shirt or cardigan.

Food and Snacks

Bring some food and snacks on the plane. You may be one of those people who actually loves airline food, but that doesn’t mean you get to eat it when you want. Food services on planes won’t always match your cravings. Snacking can break up the monotony of the long and boring flight. You just want to be careful not to eat too much of anything that’s bad for you. An organized way to make sure you don’t overeat is to plan a schedule for when you’ll break into your food stash. The time will seem to pass quicker once you know you have something to look forward to every hour or so. Make sure your snack can be broken up into portions, like a big bar of dark chocolate or a bag of raisins.

Prepare for Jet Lag

Flying for a long time means that you’re going to get off of the plane in a radically different time zone. Jet lag is your body’s inability to adjust to the new day-night cycle where you land. You may feel wide awake after midnight, or feel like it’s time to go to bed at two in the afternoon, either way your clock is going to be messed up. To compensate, try to adjust your day-night cycle to the time zone you’ll be traveling to. If you’ll be landing in the morning, make sure to sleep on the flight. Do the opposite and keep yourself awake if you’re landing around bedtime.