Vacation Fights: Why They Happen

0808-couple-fighting-on-beach_sm300When couples go on vacation, they usually expect to share tender moments against sunset backdrops and exciting adventures on a foreign hike, ski slope or boat ride. Unfortunately, that’s not always how things turn out. Almost everyone can attest to having fought with their partner on vacation., a travel website, conducted a survey and found the top 10 reasons for couples’ vacation altercations. 62% of those surveyed even reported fighting on a daily basis while away, while 6% tell stories of fights that caused splitting up into different hotel rooms.

“It’s shocking to discover how much couples actually do argue when abroad,” commented Latedeal’s Calum Macdonald.

Here is the list of the top ten vacation fight causers:

1. Men ogling other women

2. Differing activity desires

3. Dining choices

4. Excessive drinking

5. Maps, directions and getting lost

6. Overpacking or poor packing

7. Lateness on vacation

8. Overspending

9. Lateness to the airport

10. Currency change issues

Calum Macdonald recommends compromise as a basic cure for vacation fights. “Finding resorts which offer a range of activities to suit all tastes so that no one feels they are not being satisfied.”