10 Every Day Tricks to Become Smarter

einstein_smalldynamiclead_dynamic_lead_slide300Let’s face it: some of us are born smart. For others, it’s a process. There are a plethora of small activities you can do to exercise your brain muscle.

1. Watch educational videos

National Geographic, the History Channel, PBS and YouTube channels like TED all have tons of interesting educational videos and shows the expand your brain. It’ll certainly do more for your brain than Jersey Shore.

2. Read a newspaper

Your mom was right: reading the newspaper every day, even a section of it, will increase your knowledge of the world, current affairs or any subject about which you choose to read. You’ll also have more subjects to discuss at your next social gathering.

3. Read a book

This is pretty self-explanatory.

4. Write it down

Either on a blog or in a more traditional way, like in a journal, writing down what you learn is a proven method to help your brain retain that information.

5. Share knowledge

Sharing, discussing or debating your knowledge with other people is a great way to further imprint it in your brain and challenge your accepted ideas, further challenging yourself to think. In addition, you’ll benefit form someone else’s knowledge.

6. Wiser than thou

Find a teacher or expert and learn from them. Alternatively, you could simply start looking for a group of highly intelligent friends and benefit from exposure to them.

7. Get out

A run or walk outdoors is a healthy way to stimulate your mind. The best way to make periods of study more effective is to take breaks approximately every 20 minutes.

8. A word a day

There are lots of apps and e-mail services that help you learn new words every day.

9. Game time

Although they might actually be enjoyable, games like Scrabble and Sudoku actually make you think.

10. Sprechen sie smart?

Learning a new language is an amazing way to expand your brain and perspective. It will also impress friends and dates!