10 Small Apartment Storage Hacks

Felice Cohen, 39, in her micro apartmentIf you, like lots of folks in big cities, live in a tiny apartment where every inch counts, here are a bunch of clever storage hacks for your bedroom, bathroom and the rest of your apartment.

1. Hanging lamp

Hanging a lamp above or beside your bed will save the need for a nightstand, carrying a table lamp.

2. Stacking chairs

Stackable chairs can be stacked and put away when you’re not using them.

3. Back of the door

Use racks that hang on the back of closet or room doors to save extra closet space.

4. Hanging

Using some hooks to hang your bike on a free wall will save floor space in your apartment.

5. Bed risers

Raising your bed a few inches off the ground will make room for storage boxes to slide in underneath.

6. Fridge spice rack

Magnetic spice racks can be used on your refrigerator door, saving precious countertop space.

7. Wall-mounted food dispenser

Home stores now sell hanging food dispensers, which will let you get rid of bulky boxes and containers.

8. Pegboard

Hanging pots and pans will clear up your cupboards and drawers.

9. Shower curtain rings

Adding shower curtain rings to a regular hanger will save space in your closet and keep all your scarves or belts together.

10. Bathroom spice racks

Hanging spice rack shelves can double as cosmetics holders in the bathroom.