10 Ways to Reduce Everyday Stress

relax_your_mind1It might surprise you how, by changing a few simple aspects of your everyday life, you can greatly reduce the amount of stress you put your body and mind through without realizing it.

Here are 10 tips you can try from today:

1. Live the moment

You might not have accomplished all of your life goals yet, but, you can still learn to love where you are right now. Don’t neglect planning for the future, simply enjoy the here and now without sweating the little things that can interfere.

2. Recharge your battery

Take some time out at least once a day to smell the roses, meditate and relax. It’s healthy for mind and body alike.

3. Learn to say no

You can’t please all the people all the time. It sometimes seems like we’re expected to say yes to anyone and everyone who requires something of us.

Knowing when to say no respectfully is a skill that will save you a lot of wasted time and nerves. However, if you truly have the time, ability and desire to do something for someone – it’s a lovely thing.

4. Give 100%

You will never be perfect. But, if you give your best effort to whatever you undertake, you can be proud of the attempt . The best version of YOU is as perfect as it’s going to get.

5. Breathe deeply

Worrying not only plagues your mind, it also serves no purpose. When you find yourself on edge, try breathing exercises for relaxation. It’s a proven way to calm the mind.

6. Trash the to-do list

Reduce an endless list of tasks down to what matters most to you. Don’t forget to budget for some leisure time as well!

7. See the silver lining

A positive attitude begets a positive reality, goes the popular wisdom. Instead of focusing on what’s wrong in any particular situation, see the bright side and benefit from the change in outlook.

8. Clear the clutter

A clear desk or clean room reflect a clear mind. The opposite is true for a messy or cluttered space.

9. Press the reset button

Believe it or not, there was a time before text messages, e-mail, streaming video, and mobile phones.

You can bow out of the endless amount of information and distraction coming your way at any time you choose, and for as long as you deem appropriate. Turn off your phone, and enjoy the silence.

10. Create quality time

Life is much richer and enjoyable when you share its many moments and facets with one or more people you care about.