10 Ways to Save Money at the Supermarket

supermarket_tipsWant to save money at the supermarket cash register? Here are ten ways to spend less on the food you need.

1. Buy fresh
Don’t pay the supermarket for what you can do yourself! Buy vegetables, fruit and meat fresh and avoid prepared meals – it’ll always be cheaper. A head of romaine lettuce can cost for 99 cents per pound, but the price jumps to nearly $2 when that lettuce is washed and chopped.

2. Shop at holiday time
Many items are often much cheaper before certain holidays and events. For example: hot dogs and buns are often discounted before Labor Day, July 4th and Memorial Day.

3. Shop generic
Many brand name items, like over-the-counter medicines and cleaning products, have generic competitors, which inevitable cost less. You’ll be surprised at how much you’ve been paying just for a brand name.

4. Picking your store
Shop at stores which offer the lowest prices. Visit a couple of options in your area and compare the prices at each store. You will be shocked at the differences in price for the same exact items. And remember, the more you buy, the more you save.

5. Check the Unit Price
A product’s unit price tells you how much you are paying per pound, as opposed to just the unique piece in your hand. This allows you to find the best deal.

6. Look up
Retail marketing strategy dictates that stores place premium products with premium prices at eye-level, making customers more likely to grab them. So, look up and down – deals are hiding on the top shelves of your grocery aisle.

7. Stocking up
When items go on sale, take advantage of the discount by buying a bigger supply of non-perishable items that you need and use on a regular basis. Yes, you’ll spend more at that moment, but less in the long run. Just make sure that you have enough space at home to store the extra supply.

8. Negotiate
A little known fact: you can actually haggle over the price of an item which is near its “sell by” or expiration date. While stores cannot sell the product after that date, the items themselves are frequently still perfectly edible for long after. When buying ground meat, for example, you can ask the deli manager if the store has any meat that’s about to expire and is discounted.

9. Buy in bulk
Products like detergent, batteries, rice and pasta usually cost less when sold in bulk packaging at a wholesale club.

10. Don’t be Vain
Cosmetic products usually cost more at a supermarket and/or grocery store. Save that kind of shopping for the drugstore or discount store.