11 Lessons to Become a Healthier, Happier You

happinessThe society in which we live has conditioned us to constantly seek approval from others that we are good enough, pretty enough, thin enough, worthy enough, etc. In addition, many of us seem to put off our happiness for some uncertain moment in the future “when…” We envision ourselves finally being happy and everything falling into place when we achieve a perfect body, job or apartment. It won’t work. The power to be content is within yourself.


Here are 11 ways to tap that power:

  1. Let go of the negative

When someone gives off negativity, it’s more about the deficiencies and insecurities in them than anything having to do with you. So, pay no attention. Each incident is an opportunity to remain grounded and show compassion.

  1. Appreciate a struggle

Difficult times bring about the greatest moments of growth and learning in our lives – so don’t shy away from a tough spot. If everything in life was easy, we would never improve.

  1. Experience nature

Nature cannot help but inspire calm, awe and peace in us. Take advantage of its healing powers.

  1. Get moving

Exercise isn’t meant to be grueling and torturous, as many modern workout fads are. After a good sweat you should feel empowered and accomplished. Find the kind of healthy activity which works best for you and do it often.

  1. Open your heart

Any healthy relationship – be it with a friend, lover or coworker – is based on healthy communication. Cultivate the power of honest expression.

  1. Erect boundaries

Sometimes, knowing when to say “No” is the best thing possible. Explain your decision and feel confident in not over-extending yourself.

  1. Daily soul

Whatever it is that makes you spiritually inspired – a walk, meditation, trip to church, writing, yoga or time spent with family – make time in your busy schedule for it.

  1. Leave resentment in the past

Forgive others’ errors and try your best to forget them as well. Every day should be a clean slate without negativity pulling us down.

  1. Live in the moment

Nobody knows what the future can bring. Philosophers teach that time itself might just be a construct and not really exist at all. So, instead of stressing about the future, try and enjoy the only time which we have – now – with all of its flaws.

  1. Focus on the good

When you’re feeling less than satisfied with yourself or your performance, remember the positive. Recall all the things you’ve accomplished, and ways you’ve helped others.

  1. Listen to your body

Stop overworking yourself and go to bed early! Your body is wired to be at its best when all things are balanced. Listen to what it’s telling you through fatigue, irritation or illness, if there are some imbalances.