12 Things To Do When Your Internet Isn’t Working 

brokeninternets-300x216We all know that hollow, awful, desperate feeling that sets in when you realize that you internet is down and won’t be fixed for a few hours, days or more, heaven forbid. The good news is, you could actually be doing things OTHER THAN surfing the net. Here are a few ideas:



1. Walk your dog

Your dog probably wishes you never had an internet connection. He or she remembers, tearfully, the days when you had more time for real-life activities. While your internet is down take the time to pamper your pet with a walk, game of fetch or just a belly-rub.

2. Purge

If you’re really bored and desperate, you could purge your closet of all the clothes you haven’t worn for months and probably never will. Get a few karma points by donating them.

3. Talk 

Lots of gamers and YouTube vloggers might have forgotten that it’s still legal to leave your home and say hello to people on the street, in person, and even strike up a face-to-face conversation or flirt (not on Facebook). Try it!


4. Television

Before there was Netflix, there were TV shows. You had to show up at the right time on the right day to watch, or you’d miss it. Use your internet-free time to catch up on your favorite shows with an all-night, popcorn-fueled marathon.

5. Run

Sitting in front of a computer screen all day can leave your body in severe need of some fresh air and exercise. Head outside for a brisk walk or a jog and you’ll be doing yourself a favor.

6. Clean 

There’s always something to be done around the house, whether it’s windows or a load of laundry. Now is the perfect time – your spouse or roommate will love you for it.

7. Cook

Even though you won’t be able to look up a favorite recipe online, you can open up an old-school cookbook and try out a recipe you’ve been wanting to prepare for a while.

8. Read

Remember the thing made of paper, with printed words on it that actually entertained you as a kid (if you’re older than say, 30, right now)? Old-fashioned books are still engaging and interesting, even if they’re not being read on a Kindle.


9. Call Mom

Your Mom and Dad kept you busy and supplied you with toys way before you had Facebook to keep you mindlessly occupied. Show them you love them with a phone call. They’ll love it – once they get over the shock.

10. Play

Pull out an old-school board game and enjoy pretending you’re 12 again while cheating at Monopoly, Risk or Chutes & Ladders.

11. Sleep

The National Sleep Foundation’s 2002 Sleep in America poll found that 58% of adults in America experience symptoms of insomnia at least a few nights a week. When you can’t check your Facebook feed, use the time to catch up on some valuable shuteye.

12. Think 

Take a few minutes to consider the scope of your internet addiction.