14 Kitchen Hacks You’ve Never Dreamed Of

why-does-wooden-spoon-stop-pasta-from-boiling-over.w654300If you live in a big city, you might have a tiny kitchen, with all your appliances competing for space. If you’re a student or single guy or gal in your first apartment, you just might not have the budget for all the fancy kitchen appliances and accessories out there. Here are 14 hacks to make your kitchen a more space-efficient and friendly place, without blowing your bank account.

1. Keep your spices in empty Tic Tac containers, after you’ve eaten about 100,000 Tic Tacs.

2. To clean a messy blender, blend water and soap.

3. Place a wooden spoon on foam to keep a pot form bubbling over.

4. Wrap a rubber band around a jar cap for a better grip and easier opening.

5. Store foil and plastic wrap boxes in a magazine rack.

6. Use a binder clip to hold a sponge upright and prevent bacterial transfer from a countertop.

7. Throw a hanging shoe rack over the door of your pantry for space-saving organization.

9. Freeze leftover soup in a muffin tray, and store the individual portions for later use.

10. Skip expensive soaps and use baking soda to clean pots and pans.

11. Put ice cream containers in a Ziploc bag before freezing – it will prevent freezer burn and keep the ice cream soft.

12. Revive stale potato chips by dousing them in olive oil and heating them up in the microwave.

13. Instead of laboring for hours, steam clean your microwave by boiling a bowl of water and vinegar mixture inside. Follow up with a wipe-down.

14. Don’t waste money on dish detergent. You can make your own with baking soda and salt.