6 Bad Behaviors That Are Actually Great

via hannaharendtcenter.org

via hannaharendtcenter.org

1. Anger

Getting angry is a natural thing – there’s no reason to inhibit your feelings of anger. If anything, they show a healthy dose of emotion and self respect, in some cases. It’s how you express and channel your anger that should be checked by limits and mores of our culture.

2. Crying

Just like getting angry, a good cry is an instinctual, still mysterious response of the human body to feelings of sadness. We can’t even control it – so don’t be ashamed of it.

3. Stubbornness

Sometimes when you’re 100% sure that you’re doing the right thing, despite the opinions of the entire world around you, you just stick to your guns. If you’re wrong, just be prepared to pay the price. When you’re doing the right thing, be stubborn about it. A lot of evils in the world could be avoided by good people being stubborn.

4. Solitude

In our age of omnipresent smartphones, televisions and internet, we’re taught to believe that a person needs to be accessible at all times. That’s far from the truth. There is a lot of inherent value to “alone time” during which you can meditate, think or simply enjoy a little silence. If you need some solitude, get it. If someone you know or love needs it, let them have it too.

5. Disobedience

While laws about drinking and driving, for example, are fantastic, some rules are better broken. Deciding and knowing which rules to break takes insight and wisdom.

6. Non-conformism

Be like Mandela, Galileo and Gandhi: just do you, baby.