6 Kinds of Friends Everyone Needs (And the Three They Don’t)

o-FRIENDS-BRAIN-facebook850Some say that you can tell the most about a particular person by the friends with which they surround themselves. The friends you choose reflect the time of life in which you find yourself, your values, hobbies and opinions. Friends should ideally be a source of support, reflection and objective opinion of you, besides being an activity partner. Of course, the more diverse your group of friends, the more diverse views, opinions and activities you’ll experience and be enriched by. Here are the six best types of friends you can have:

1. Anything goes

This friend will be up for whatever crazy adventure you can think of. Her “live fast, die young” attitude challenges and excites you, pushing you to be a little more adventurous than you normally would, and creating moments when you simply enjoy life.

2. Too cool for school

Your “cool” friend is a great source of recommendations when it comes to fashion, trendy restaurants and new music. Whenever you need to get into the coolest new club, you know who to call.

3. The Nobel Prize winner

This friend has a meaningful job, or volunteers frequently. He or she is a great parent, or a leader in their professional industry. Whatever it may be, they are a source of inspiration for you and can help you improve yourself and excel in life. When learning from him or her, you feel lucky. You try your best to imitate their sound choices and success.

4. Lone wolf

This friend is not acquainted with your other circle of friends and, therefore, is a private outlet of gossip, emotions and dreams. You know that your secrets stop with him or her.

5. Honest Earnest

Your brutally honest friend is a mirror of your faults and successes – they will always tell you the truth, no holds barred. This friend is therefore priceless. In addition to honest, he or she is also supportive and caring.

6. Kindergarten kid

This is your oldest friend, who remembers all of your silly inside jokes, high school prom or awful teachers. It’s always great to have a partner for a stroll down memory lane.

There are also a few types of friends that nobody really needs:

1. Eternal child

This friend is a constant source of annoying, immature behavior, getting him or herself into trouble with the law, work, or friends and family. This is not the type of influence you need around you, unless this person is making a concerted effort to change. They are always coming to you to solve their avoidable dilemmas and lend them a couple of dollars. Then, when things are good again, he or she is out on a rampage and nowhere to be found.

2. Disappointer

Whenever you need something from this person – whether it’s a dollar, a ride, a venting session or otherwise – they let you down. This person breaks promises, repeats slights and generally behaves unlike a true “friend.” They are mainly concerned with their own wellbeing.

3. Better Betty

This friend is always trying to compete with your success, or portending to have one-upped you. While a true friend will always celebrate your happiness and success, this negative person will only rest when he or she has beaten you yet again.