6 Naturally Mosquito-Repelling Plants For Your Home

via fotogallery.doctissimo.it/

via fotogallery.doctissimo.it

Summer is here and that means that it’s mosquito season. Instead of the synthetic, chemical-filled sprays and torches popularly sold, try planting one or all of these gorgeous plants around the house. They have NATURAL mosquito-repelling powers!


The leaves of this plant can be picked for any of your favorite recipes or just crushed and rubbed on your skin as mosquito repellent.

Lemon thyme

This fragrant herb can be pot-grown in dry, sunny conditions – along walkways, on a terrace or indoors. Every time you brush or bruise the leaves, it releases an aroma that mosquitoes just hate!


Loved by cats everywhere, this plant blooms all-summer long and can have its bug-repellent aroma spread by you or your cat.

Citronella Grass 

This plant is used to make citronella oil, used in commercial products like candles and sprays. Plant it in your garden or in a pot on an outdoor dining table.


This is another multi-purpose herb that you can throw in your lemonade or plant in pots, indoors or out. Rub the leaves on your skin for a fragrant mosquito repellent.

Lemon Balm

A cousin of the mint plant, this herb is better for garden planting, as it will not spread and take it over.