6 Reasons to Sleep Naked


Do you sleep naked? It might be even healthier for than you knew. Unfortunately, it’s also not as popular as you previously thought; only 8% of American report sleeping in the nude. Here’s a list of reasons why sleeping naked is really the best way to sleep:

1. Better sleep

The American Academy of Sleep Medicine points out that your body temperature is meant to drop as you sleep as part of the rest and rejuvenation process. Wearing clothes could interfere with that drop in temperature, disrupting sleep.

2. Vagina conditioning

Doctors argue that since the vagina can become infected through accumulation of bacteria, aerating it at night is a healthy practice. A healthy vagina is one road towards happiness.

3. Sexy time

Sleeping naked is just darn sexy. If you sleep with a significant other, it’s like an endless invitation to all kinds of naughty activities – but just make sure you get enough quality sleep!

Sleeping naked also implies a very deep level of intimacy, trust and confidence in a relationship. Any method to cultivating self-esteem and confidence is a good thing.

4. Less fat

Sleeping naked allows your body, as previously mentioned, to cool down at night, which, in turn, decreases the levels of cortisol, a hormone in your blood. Excess cortisol has been linked to increased appetite levels.

An ideal night’s sleep would comprise two cycles: a rejuvenation period characterized by low cortisol levels and a second, preparatory period with increased levels, for the coming morning.

5. More sexy time

Doctors surmise that sleeping naked will logically lead to more sex. In kind, sexier relationships are happier relationships. If you’re trying to get pregnant, it is the perfect time to start sleeping in the buff.

6. No shower

Showering in the morning takes time and motivation. It also requires an extra 15-20 minutes of prep time, which can make you late for work or, at the least, force you to wake up earlier. We shower in the morning because we sweat during sleep, if temperatures are high. Sleeping nude will prevent sweating and save all the precious morning time spent showering.