Apps For Self-Improvement 

Man practicing Tai Chi infront of skylineSelf-improvement can have a wide array of meanings for different people. We all want to be “better” people and improve the quality of our lives on a day-to-day level.

Despite our best intentions, it’s often a lack of understanding or difficulty in taking the first steps toward change that holds us back. Whether it’s simple laziness, procrastination, or a lack of time that’s stopping you, the good news is that we live in the age of smartphone apps. Yes, there are apps that will help jump-start your journey toward self-improvement! Here are a few:


Often, keeping track of your thoughts, meditations or progress on a particular issue can bring you new insights, and a sense of progress. Momento (iOS, $1.99). is an app that allows you to make a total-picture memory of every day by combining information from social networks and your own thoughts. My Wonderful Days (iOS, $2.99) is perfect for short journal entries: you can use it to write down thoughts, upload images and keep track of your mood.

Personality Tests

One part of self-improvement is getting a better understanding of yourself. A couple of apps out there, like Know Thyself Pro (iOS, $2.99) and Personality Coach (Android, $9.99) do just that by testing your personality type – in the old-school college guidance way.


Often a self-improvement journey can be tough and lonely. Connecting with other people is a great tool for making sure that you have support and advice along the way. Social media is all over the place online, but apps like Micro Mentor (a free online service) specifically target people who are looking for support.

Getting objective feedback is also invaluable to anyone interested in changing their bad habits or patterns of behavior. iCoach (iOS, $4.99) is a coaching app that acts as your own personal life-coach, giving you help with clarity, focus, health and personal finances.


One of the major aspects of any self-improvement process is knowing what you want to achieve and where you picture yourself in a few months or years from now. Do you want to lose some weight? Improve your productivity? Whatever the goal, apps that will help you set your goals include Habit List (iOS, $3.99) and Strides (iOS, free), in which you can set goals, schedules and track results on graphs and various visuals.


Many self-improvement goals are based around health and weight. irunrun (iOS, free) is an app that follows your performance and consistency and tries to help you notice your own behavior patterns. Healthy Recipes (iOS and Android, free), much as the name suggests, offers over 500,00 recipes for health-conscious individuals.

New horizon

Changing one’s life can easily involve conquering new challenges, expanding one’s horizons and simply trying new things.  You could even try learning a new language with DuoLingo (Android/iOS)!