Beliefs that Hold You Back

Held-Back300All of us ostensibly aspire to a fulfilled, rich, meaningful life – a different and unique dream for each individual. We would like to be doing what we love, sharing love with others and experiencing positive emotions as much as possible.

But, could some of us be making mistakes that hold us back from reaching those goals? There are a few common road blocks that people often put up in front of their own journeys on the way to self-realization and actualization. Here are a few:

1. Excess comfort

Even though we might find ourselves in a city, job or relationship that is less than what we want, laziness keeps us in our place. What is known to us is comfortable. The repetitive nature of even a boring daily life can overwhelm us. Try and avoid stagnation by constantly challenging and pushing yourself into new situations.

2. Fear of failure

We live in a success-centric culture. Many people prefer to “play it safe” when faced with risk, telling themselves that they are making the wiser choice, when it is actually fear that is dictating their actions and choices. A better use of fork-in-the-road moments would be to take a risk, even if it means possibly making a mistake. Author James Joyce said, “Mistakes are the portals of discovery.”

3. Other people

Jean Paul Sartre said, “Hell is other people.” What he meant was that people’s expectations and judgments of us can be an unreachable standard. You should not change or sacrifice your own dreams simply to fit an accepted mold. If you focus on reaching your own goals and expectations for yourself, you’ll be a much more fulfilled and honest person. Your perception of yourself and the person you want to be in the future is the most important one.

4. Pessimism

A negative outlook leads to paralysis. If you do not believe that you could possibly have a better fate than the worst-case-scenario, why would you invest effort in creating your ideal reality? You should quickly realize that your negative outlook is just wrong – it’s an opinion, not a fact. Optimistic people experience more success. From now on, pay attention to how to evaluate situations and possibilities in front of you.