Do You Truly Love Yourself?

self-love-healthy300The Beatles famously sang, “All you need is love.” Perhaps they weren’t referring to romantic love but to love for oneself. Do you truly love yourself?

Here are a few criteria to try and help you identify whether you need to work on your love for yourself and the person you truly are:

1. You don’t waste time worrying whether other people like you or not – you are pretty sure that you’re a likeable person.

2. You do things because you feel they’re important, not because you feel they’re popular, trendy or “important” for a reason you can’t identify.

3. You have great friends but you don’t depend on them excessively.

4. You are less concerned with your job title than with whether you actually enjoy and get fulfillment from what you do.

5. You live in the moment, enjoying each day for what it is – yet you still have great, realistic plans and goals for the future.

6. You are not obsessed with how you look on social media. People who love themselves realize that online popularity is nice, hardly important, and mostly unreal.

7. You have your own set of ethics and standards. Life and learning have taught you a thing or two, and, by now, you know the difference between right and wrong – you don’t need a priest or politician to dictate the rules for you.

8. You don’t need control of everything. Life itself is beyond our complete control, as are many things within it. You know which powers you have and use them wisely. When you can’t change a situation, you accept the unknown and sometimes unfortunate.

9. You are the maker of your own destiny. You are not waiting for a husband, wife, boss, messiah or lottery ticket to appear one day and change everything for you.

10. You are not obsessed with changing the people around you in order to fit whatever mold or expectations you might have – you are busy learning, growing and changing yourself into the person you want to be.