Don’t Alienate Yourself: Avoid These 5 Ways to Annoy People

annoypeopleBeing successful means getting on people’s good sides. If you want to do that there are few things that you should avoid. Here are five things for you to do if you want to ruin your chances by annoying other people.

  1. Act Like You’re Above Them

People hate it when they feel like you’re looking down on them, so if you’re looking to annoy people make sure that they know that you think you’re better than they are. It will definitely get them out of your face, probably because they won’t ever want to speak to you unless they have to. And while getting rid of other people may be a good tactic for you, do this to too many people and you may wind up sitting all by yourself at the cool kids table.

  1. Take Up All the Space in the Room

Some people love to hear themselves talk, but some people want to talk so that no one else gets heard. Either of these two people can be annoying, and may eventually lose their ability to talk when everyone else decides that they’ve heard enough. Make sure that yours isn’t the only voice in the room. You’ll get more attention if you can build on what other people are saying—but you have to give them a chance to talk first.

  1. Ask More From People Than They Are Willing to Give

Hey, you know what you want, so why not ask for it. So what if the person you’re asking to give you that thing isn’t really comfortable giving it to you? They must realize that you have to have what you have to have. You know what else is annoying? The flip side of this, the next item on this list.

  1. Ignore What They Need from You

Everybody needs a little help once in a while, but it’s a good thing they know not to ask you for anything. You could care less how bad it is for them, you’re not going to their personal loan agent, their shoulder to lean on, and you definitely aren’t going to pick up the phone when they call. And, funny thing, after a while they stop calling altogether.

  1. Pull Rank

Sometimes you’re the boss, and it’s your job to tell people what to do. But it’s a lot more annoying if you boss someone around when your job title doesn’t really give you much authority over the other person. Your grandstanding will make you look more inferior than you really are, and it will turn you into a bigger target in the other person’s mind.