Everything You Need To Turn Your Yard Into a Self-Sufficient Farm

survivalRichard Grey has a bizarre tale to tell. It involves the concept of micro-farming, which is how he was able to turn his backyard into a sustainable and self-sufficient farm, able to generate enormous amounts of fresh vegetables, meat and clean drinking water.

How did he do it? If you want to learn how to transform your backyard into this type of fertile farmland, you need to check out Self Sufficiency Shortcuts, Richard Grey complete step-by-step guide to the micro-farming process.

If you aren’t sure why someone would want to turn their backyard into a fully sustainable food farm, maybe you haven’t been paying attention to the news lately. As the crises enveloping the world begin to spread, coming closer and closer to our doorsteps, the vital systems that we have grown to depend on for basic needs like food, water, and security will become unreliable, unstable, and finally unusable. What do you think you would do if you turned on the faucet in your kitchen and no water came out? Pick up the phone? It’s dead too.

Think that is overreacting? You have probably heard about global warming. Consider what is happening to our planet and our environment in places like California and the South where people have been enduring extreme drought conditions for more than a year now. What happens when those conditions become permanent? Wouldn’t you rather be prepared than caught off guard?

That’s what Richard Grey believed, and that’s why he decided that he would become completely self-reliant, turning his land into a factory capable of satisfying all of his family’s needs. But all of his attempts to failed and his family was close to starving to death. And they would have too, if it wasn’t for the farming technique that was changing lives all over some of the most embattled places on earth. That technique was micro-farming, and it’s now available for you to learn in Richard’s new program Self-Sufficiency Shortcuts.

With Self-Sufficiency Shortcuts you’ll learn how to turn your back yard into a self-automated supplier of food and water even in extreme conditions. You’ll learn how to heat crops during the cold moths, and how to keep them cool in the unforgiving summers. Find out how to disguise the noise of your farm to fool your neighbors—and anyone else looking for easy pickings—into thinking there is nothing there to see. The system can be broken up into separate modules so that you don’t have to run the entire farm program Self-Sufficiency Shortcuts teaches you to operate.

A single self-sufficient farm like this is capable of producing hundreds of pounds of duck meat, chicken meat, rabbit meat, tens of thousands of duck, chicken and quail eggs, and thousands of pounds of vegetables. With the gallons of pure drinking water it also produces, it’s all that your family needs.

Ready to start depending on no one else but yourself? Get started with Self-Sufficiency Shortcuts.