Get Rid Of Under-Eye Circles The Natural Way



Nobody likes to wake up with dark, wrinkly bags under their eyes. The skin around your eyes is four times thinner than the skin on other areas of your face. Dark circles can occur as a result of fatigue and insufficient sleep. While the circles themselves are harmless, they could also be a sign of some underlying health issues: water retention, kidney problems, poor metabolism, or even anemia. Some people experience dark circles only in certain seasons, usually the result of an allergy.

Before turning to the synthetic, commercial products that promise to wipe away under-eye circles, try any or all of these natural tricks.

1. Sliced Cucumber

Although you’ve seen it in a million cliché movie scenes, cucumber slices on your eyes actually work! The water content in cold cucumber slices make your blood vessels constrict and temporarily reduce puffy bags.

2. Potatoes

Cold potato slices left on your eyes for 10-15 minutes will help reduce puffiness and lighten dark circles.

3. Milk

A cotton ball or pad soaked in cold milk should be left on the eyes for 20 minutes, after excess milk is squeezed out. This is a great trick for dark circles, and is more effective the more often you use it.

4. Tea bags

Any teabag you like, soaked in warm water and then refrigerated for 10 minutes, will work wonders on tired eyes. Leave them on for 10 minutes and rinse afterwards.

5. Egg white

A scrambled egg white applied on the eyes with a brush will cause a tingling sensation as it dries. After 20 minutes of leaving the mush on your eyes, rinse with cold water and wait for the amazing results.

6. Ice

The fastest way to reduce puffiness and dark circles is to massage eyes with ice cubes for a few minutes.

7. Almond Oil

This natural substance, massaged under eyes every day, will reduce the appearance of bags and circles.

The keys to long term health for the skin around your eyes are a healthy diet including vitamin K and vitamin B12, as well as plenty of water. However, you might consider staying away from liquids before bedtime, which can cause dark circles in the morning.