Here Is How To Make Your Home Energy Independent

energyindependentCreating an energy independent home is more than just a money-saving way to work around the big utility suppliers: it can make the difference between having the lights on in your house and living in complete darkness. The Liberty Generator is one way households across American are standing up for themselves and making energy of their own.

The Liberty Generator program shows you how to make your home energy independent. The centerpiece is the Liberty Generator itself: a low-cost power generator made from common household items. It can cook your food, keep your home lit, and get your property off the grid all while avoiding expensive alternative power sources like easy-to-break solar panels and dirty gas generators.

Most people don’t know that you can make your home energy independent this easily. All you need are a few basic tools and components that can easily be picked up at your local electronics store to create this revolutionary . The program guides you through the conversion process so that even the biggest power hogs in your home—things like your computer, refrigerator and the AC—can all run on your own homegrown power supply.

78,000 people are already using Liberty Generator, and some of them are actually getting paid for the electricity that they are feeding back into the grid. For those people there is no feeling quite like being on the winning side of the mail box when that bill from the electric company shows up every month.

Abel Thomas, the inventor of Liberty Generator, is the head of a farming family who has been working the soil in Iowa for five generations. The farm had always been a successful business, at least that was the case until the creeping and absolute power of the agribusiness giants started to put on the pressure. The mega-farms bought up all the land, and strong-armed the local distributors into exclusive contracts that cut Abel and his farm off. Unable to pay the bills and his second mortgage, it looked like Abel was about to lose the farm. It was only when he was forced to make his own Liberty Generators to meet the farm’s energy needs that he was able to start making money again, this time by selling the excess power he was creating back into the grid. It saved his farm, and it proved that the little guy can win some of the time.

Just like Abel, you don’t have to let the big energy bullies push you around anymore. It doesn’t matter where you live, whether you’re out in the rural countryside, a model home in the suburbs, or in an apartment in the middle of one of the big cities on either coast, you can take your home in a radical new energy efficient direction. You’ll save money, save the environment, and have the satisfaction in knowing that you beat the big money energy monopolies for a change.

Get everything you need to make your home energy independent. Get Liberty Generator today.