How Selfie-Obsessed Are You?

funeral-selfieDo you think that you spend too much time bothering with selfies? Or maybe not enough? Does it seem like all your friends have better photos on social media? Well, you can figure out where you score on the scale of selfie-obsessive behavior thanks to a new study conducted by ITV television show, Good Morning Britain.


It seems like young people on Facebook and Instagram are shooting more and more selfies. It’s not only selfie-taking that’s so tempting, but also to spend significant amounts of time getting just the right look for social media. How many attempts does it take you, on average, to get an upload-worthy photo?

Women snap a median of six photos before they get one that they deem good enough to post. Men, on the other hand, need an average of four attempts.

50% of women surveyed expressed feelings of depression when looking at photos on social media.

About one in every six people has filtered, cropped or retouched photos of their CHILDREN before publicizing them!