How to Attract the Things you Dream of

p300The idea that something is out of one’s reach is no longer fashionable. We live in a globalized world where everyone can see the finer things in life being consumed in front of their eyes – whether in the streets of their hometown or on social media. Higher education is more readily available. Young people these days have been raised to believe that they can achieve anything – they will not take “no” for an answer.

Likewise, any people believe that if you visualize – in a concerted, intentional way – the things that you desire, you can make them a reality in your life. Also known as “the law of attraction,” this way of thinking operates on the premise that no matter what you dream of, everything is possible. Everything is attainable and achievable, if a person can learn to tap into their powers of magnetism and attraction and thus bring whatever they want into their lives.

Here are the tips for tapping into your own power of attraction:

1. Stay the course

Be patient, always. Anything that comes into your life fast can leave it just as quickly. Imagine how you would feel if you gave up on a project when success was only a few inches away, and you’d never know.

2. Be thankful

Even if you don’t realize it automatically or on a daily basis, you have so much to be thankful for. It could be family, friends, the job that pays your bills, the delicious meal you ate recently, or any small thing that makes you happy for a short or long time. Remember that many people in the world do not have what you do. Cultivate thankfulness and you’ll notice that your attitude in general is a better one.

3. Learn from everything

School is not the only place where you can learn a good lesson. Listen to experts, seek out mentors, read more – do whatever you can to be constantly learning new things.

4. Stay open-minded

The disappointments of everyday life and the conclusions we come to after difficult times can make us retreat into ourselves and our own patterns of behavior. The better way to live in order to attract new things into your life is to keep an open mind: don’t shy away from new people, situations and things.

5. Travel more

Travel has so much to offer a person: inspiration, learning –be it culture, history or language – and all-around enrichment. Seeing other places will undoubtedly give you a fresh perspective on your own life.

6. Positivity works

No matter what type of situation you find yourself in, keep a positive attitude. Positivity is contagious and attracts similar responses. Adopt the “glass half-full” approach and you can find yourself happier, even when the going gets tough.

7. Dreams as reality

First, figure out what your dreams are – the first step to attaining them.

8. Follow your intuition

Many times in life, people stray from their gut feeling or intuition, because of fear, outside pressure or a slew of other factors. Instead, go with what your heart tells you – you’ll find that no matter what the outcome of a particular decision, you will be happy with the method of choice. Many times, following your heart could end up in disappointment; that shouldn’t hold you back.

9. Keep it real

Always be honest, and portray your honest self. Anything that you bring into your life through deception will end up being as fake as you were. Admit your faults, apologize for mistakes, and speak your real opinions. Being honest might sometimes be difficult – but will yield good fruits in the end.

10. Give it away

Often, we don’t realize how much excess we have in our lives until we give it away. Start by cleaning out your closets and donating clothes you don’t wear to a homeless shelter.  It’s both a good deed and an exercise in noticing how much we have that we don’t really need – a good lesson to learn when dealing with emotional baggage.

11. Tend to passions

We all have busy schedules which cause us to neglect the activities and things we love the most. Start a new habit of setting aside some time on a daily, weekly or even monthly basis to do whatever it is that makes you tick. It will enrich your life and help you make decisions in a more natural way.

12. No excuses

Stop finding reasons for why you “can’t” or “shouldn’t” have what you want. Not only is everything attainable in life, you also deserve whatever it is.

13. Inspire others every day

The more people that you positively affect, the more you will learn and get inspired. Use yourself as an example of excellence and you will be driven to be a better individual.

14. Recognize your imagination

Most people do not realize how powerful their imaginations are. Start being a focused dreamer – use your mind’s power to visualize the things you’d like to attract.

15. Live each day

Don’t try to process your entire life in one bite; live each day as the precious gift it is. A goal set for a single day can be realized that day. Treat each day as your last and you’ll find that you have the capability to achieve many things in a 24-hour period.

16. Make the best of your failures.

We all screw up. We all break diets. We all make stupid romantic choices. In the words of the great poet Aaliyah, all you have to do is “brush yourself off and try again” until you never repeat the mistake again and find yourself more powerful than your faults. You have that power.

17. Money isn’t everything

While it might seem like the things you want are attainable with money, what might serve you best is to differentiate between the things money can buy and the even more powerful things that it cannot. Money can pay for a date, but it can’t buy you love. Money can start a business, but not make it successful. Money can buy you a car, but not teach you how to drive it well.

18. No more stress

Worrying will not solve anything. Any problem you’re facing has a solution and will eventually be resolved. Don’t spend the meantime stressing – it has no positive effect on anything. Period.

And, most importantly:

19. Never give up