Not a Morning Person? You are Now.

leadYou’ve been spending your mornings all wrong. One’s behavior in the morning sets the tone and pattern for the entire day. Even seemingly insignificant behaviors reflecting procrastination, like hitting the “snooze” button, for example, send a message to your subconscious mind that you lack the self-discipline to get out of bed and/or act in a healthy, motivated fashion.

Hitting the snooze button is actually totally illogical – it’s like saying, “I hate getting up in the morning so I do it over and over and over again,” according to stand-up comedian Demetri Martin.

Your new commitment to positive actions should begin every day with your reaction to the alarm clock. Consider it the day’s first opportunity to shape the kind of day and life that you want for yourself – a journey of achieving goals and realizing dreams. A strategy like this can stop you from sleeping away precious time and change your attitude towards the morning. Here are some simple and easy-to-implement tips to create the motivation to wake up early and make each day incredible, making you into an exemplary morning person.

#1: Set goals

Remember how excited you were to wake up on Christmas morning? Lots of people recall their thoughts from the previous night when they wake up in the morning. As soon as the alarm clock rings, they’re already pumped to start the day. If you practice organizing positive thoughts before you go to sleep, you too could wake with a concrete plan and positive set of thoughts.

Alternatively, if your night ends with negativity about the coming day, i.e. “the weather forecast for tomorrow is so awful!” you’re likely to just want to keep sleeping and avoid what the day has in store. The trick is to set goals and intentions every night, for the following day and thus set the tone for the morning.

#2: Get wet

Give yourself a couple of minutes to wake up and speed along the process with a refreshing trip to the sink. Splashing water on your face and brushing your teeth can increase your motivation and make you feel refreshed after a long (or short) night’s sleep.

#3: Move the alarm clock

Moving your alarm clock as far away from your bed as possible will force you to stand up in order to silence it. Physical movement will help you feel awake and get your juices flowing. By the time your head is clear – you’re literally already moving.

#4: Drink water

During sleep, the body becomes very dehydrated, and sugar levels in the blood drop drastically – which can contribute to feelings of fatigue. Start your morning off with a tall glass of water – hydration equals more energy. Alternatively, orange juice has high levels of sugar, which can also give your body the push it needs first thing in the morning.

#5: Get dressed for the gym

Starting the day in the gym is one method to maximizing energy levels and creating a daily precedent for setting and achieving goals. So, instead of immediately washing up, put on your gym clothes straight out of bed and start sweating. Afterwards, take a refreshing shower – you’ve earned it!