Keep Your Family Safe Online With MyPornBlocker

blockThe internet can be a fun place, but sometimes that fun can come at a high cost. When hardcore pornography is too accessible for some of the more impressionable people in your home, as a parent you need to do something. Protecting your family means being able to set limits. If you want to keep your family safe online. you need to check out MyPornBlocker.

MyPornBlocker is the easy way to limit access to material on the internet you don’t want your kids to see. Why should you have to do that when there are parental controls that come with most commonly used applications on the internet? Because if you test them, those protections fail miserably at keeping porn off of your computer. You can try it for yourself right now. Turn on Google’s safe search function and then search through the images for any benign topic. Odds are that you’ll wind up seeing porn somewhere before you get to the bottom of the results.

For some people, there is a real need for software like MyPornBlocker.

Martin Brendal, co-creator of the MyPornBlocker software, was one of them. After discovering that his children were being exposed to pornographic pop-ups and wandering onto porn sites in the middle of the day, it was clear to Martin that his parental controls on his computer were doing nothing. Martin had to do something, so he teamed up with his brother, a successful software developer, and together they developed MyPornBlocker. It may just be one of the most effective ways to protect your computer and your family from porn.

Keep Your Family Safe Online With MypornblockerTry It Now!

MyPornBlocker makes it easy to block any website that you want to restrict access to. In stealth mode, it can run on a computer without anyone realizing that it is even there. The controls are easy to handle, and won’t keep even grandparents from securing the computers in their houses safe for when the kids come over. Working for Mac or Windows, it doesn’t matter what type of machine you use, you can keep it porn-free.

And MyPornBlocker can come in handy outside of the home too. Small business owners usually don’t have IT departments at their disposal to monitor all the internet usage throughout the office. That might be something they wish they had—not because they want to have more control, but because it would help ensure that the office always stays a respectful, safe place for all the employees who work there. No one should have to be exposed to material that they might find harmful or abusive at work. Period. Using the MyPornBlocker software shows that a company respects everyone in the office by keeping porn off of the computers. That can mean the difference between a happy workforce, and employees who want to file suit for harassment.

Porn will come and find your family even if they don’t go looking for it. Keep them safe, and get MyPornBlocker for your computer today.