Life Hacks to Make You Happy and Healthy

healthyhappyDoes it seem like the more you try to do the right thing when it comes to work or your health, the more miserable you feel? Everyone wants to master the art of getting business out of the way while still being happy. Here are five life hacks that can help you make you feel better even while you’re doing what’s right.


  1. Make a Week-Long Food Menu

Instead of stressing out every day when it comes time to make dinner, take the time to plan out the meals you are going to eat for the coming week. When you know exactly what you’re having for dinner later in the day you cut down your daily stress levels, make it easier to shop, and eliminate last-minute runs to the supermarket where you’re likely to make unplanned and unhealthy dinner choices.

  1. Do You

Making the time in your schedule can be tricky if you have a lot of responsibilities, such as kids and work, but everyone needs to make room for the things that they love in life. “Me time” is time that you keep all to yourself. It may seem selfish, but having time set aside to do something you love pays off for everybody. When you’re refreshed and recharged, everything else you have to do gets done a lot more easily. You’ll be more fun to be around too.

  1. Eat Beautiful

Maybe going on that restrictive diet will make you feel healthy, but the bland food options you’re going to be limited to will make you feel miserable. There is a better way to eat healthy and still be happy with your diet and your food: Design a beautiful plate of food. With a sense of minimalist design you can make you plate look like a work of art. That will cut your portion size down. With a eye towards color theory—the balance between different types of colors—you’ll wind up incorporating more healthy foods into your diet, since bad food tend to be colored somewhere between brown and white.

  1. Work Out Whenever You Can

Flash workouts can happen whenever you realize you have a few spare minutes to get in a few reps. Keep some weights within reaching distance of wherever you work, so when you have a little bit of downtime you can turn it into gym time. The boost you get from the exertion will power you through the rest of your day, and make you feel better.

  1. Get the Prep Done Ahead of Time

Want to eliminate a lot of the hassle out of your daily routine? Get all of your week’s prep done in advance. This can come to scheduling your workflow, to doing the cleaning and chopping for your week’s meals. With these things out of the way, the extra time that you get during the rest of week is yours to use to make yourself happy.