Life Hacks to Take Your Life Back

standupThere are so many annoying little ways that companies and big businesses have made your life slower, more tedious, and annoying. Take you life back with these life hacks.

  1. Hit “1” to Get to Voicemail

Voicemail likes to give you every option available on the service before you can leave the message you want to record. To skip all the details, just hit “1”

  1. Skip Ads on DVDs

The movie industry doesn’t make it easy for you to get to the movies you actually paid to see—they pack as many coming attractions and trailers as possible before you can access your DVD’s menu and watch the movie you wanted to see. Fast forwarding through the ads can take a really long time. And it doesn’t seem like you can skip them, but you can. Try hitting the “Stop” button twice, pthen pressing “Play” and it should take you straight to the movie.

  1. Faster Tech Support

They make you wait forever when you’re trying to get help with that product that you’ve had for a couple of years. But if they think you’re still a potential customer they’ll get to you a lot quicker. Hit the new customer option and jump the line.

  1. Fix a Worn Out Credit Card Strip

They don’t make credit cards to last. That’s because they charge you every time you need a replacement. If you want to make you worn out credit card’s magnetic strip last longer, try covering the strip with a plastic bag before you swipe at the checkout counter. The card reader should be able to get a better scan of your card this way. But what should you do if you need to hand your card over? You can’t ask the person at the register to use a plastic bag. Instead, cover your card’s magnetic strip with a piece of cellophane tape.

  1. Get a Human Right Away

When you’re calling for assistance and you have to deal with an automated phone service it’s almost impossible to get a human on the line. That is, unless you know this life hack. Try hitting “0”. Zero looks like the letter “o” and way back there used to be these people called operators who would take your calls. Since zero looks like an “o” it’s a hidden trick to get routed directly to a person. And if that doesn’t work, just start mashing all the buttons. They’ll think you are really in need of assistance and send you to a human.