Vivala Lets You Plan Your Digital Inheritance For Free


They say you can’t control the future… But now you can!

Think about this scenario: You’ve passed and left your family and close ones with grief and a broken heart, but that’s just one problem. You’ve also left them with hundreds of documents, sensitive information such as banking details, images, facts about you they might not know, passwords for your email accounts, Facebook account and so on…

Death is inevitable, but have you ever thought about what will happen to your digital legacy after you die? Smart people plan for their future. What is it all worth, if your family and loved ones won’t have access to vital information about you after your passing?

Did you ever stop to think about the bureaucratic hardships your loved ones will inevitably have to go through following your death?

Introducing Vivala – a free and revolutionary new service that helps plan your digital inheritance the right way.

Vivala is the world leader in safe storage, protection, and the security of your most personal online assets. Vivala also takes care of the most important part, managing the fulfillment of your wishes after you have passed.

Your wife, your husband, your Mother, your Father, your kids…even your Power of Attorney have absolutely zero control over the future of your digital assets without the after death control that Vivala provides…

With Vivala’s easy to use platform, you can control exactly what happens to all of your documents, images, videos and more, after you’ve gone. You are also able to pass on that control to the right person at the right time.

I’m sure you’ve heard about people having trouble closing credit cards, phone accounts, bank accounts and the like after their loved one has passed on. Without the permission and correct details, that process can be very long and painful.

Vivala makes sure this will NEVER happen to you.

Vivala isn’t just about your important documents, or easing bureaucratic nightmares.

With Vivala, you’re able to set up future memories for your special friends and relatives… Imagine being able to send a video message to your child upon their engagement or wedding, long after you’ve passed. Imagine wishing your wife, your husband, kids or other friends and family members Happy Birthday for years to come and having all of these messages automated…

You’ll be leaving a legacy of love and happiness long after the sad time of your passing.

You’ll be able to control how you’re remembered… and make sure that people know how much you cared. Vivala understands that their service is not just about passing on the digital – it’s all about passing on the emotional as well.

Your legacy is too important to be left unplanned.

Now you CAN control your future…

This new service is free, so plan now, before it’s too late.

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