Self Improvement 101: Repackaging Self-Criticism

200303-omag-talk-nicely-600x411While being able to judge yourself objectively and notice the things about yourself that are ripe for improvement is a great quality – constantly criticizing yourself to an extreme isn’t healthy. A clever trick for dealing with the highly critical voice inside of you is to imagine how your criticisms would sound coming from a loved one.

We all have a parent, sibling or friend who has a tendency to try and motivate or encourage us. This individual listens to your dilemmas, gives advice, and believes in your success. You feel comfortable asking for help from them, and they are a trustworthy source of support. Imagining how he or she would respond when you find yourself being highly critical of one of your decisions or qualities is a novel way of neutralizing negative thinking.

Studies show that a positive self-image is valuable for your productivity; if you don’t believe in your abilities – you’re less likely to produce. Therefore, it might be helpful to filter some of your harshest criticisms through the lens of someone who has a true desire for your success. Stay out of the self-defeating trap of negative self-image.