Six Habits of Self-Loving People

Self-LoveWhat is the secret to being successful, healthy and happy? Many people out there struggle with eating disorders, addiction, and depression. Perhaps the biggest source of all these imbalances is a lack of self-love. Shifting from self-loathing to self-love can be a life-changing experience, leading to healthier habits, better relationships and improved work. Here are seven things that self-loving people have mastered:

1. Listen to emotions

A lot of us deal with our emotions in one of two ways: ignoring or over-sharing them. Self-loving individuals respond to their emotions in a balanced manner.

2. Take responsibility

When something goes wrong, self-loving people take responsibility rather than pass the buck, if indeed they were at fault. Often, taking responsibility and admitting a fault is the first and most mature step to fixing a problem and can garner a lot of respect from others.

3. Feeding passions

All of us have a love for a certain activity or subject that we wish we had more time to pursue. Self-loving people learn to recognize such activities. They devote their time and energy to pursuing the things that make them tick and creating opportunities for new interests to arise.

4. Spend time alone

People who don’t love themselves shy away from time alone with their thoughts, so they fill the space around them with the television, telephone, or unhealthy habits. Self-loving people, on the other hand, look forward to time by themselves.

5. Sleep on it

Resisting the urge to shout, make split-second decisions and answer in anger is a character trait of self-loving people. Instead, they will sleep on a decision and weigh the possible responses before them.

6. Demonstrate how you want to be treated

If you are not supplying yourself with healthy doses of love, respect and admiration, you will not find them from other people. Many people enter relationships with these kinds of deficiencies and then wonder why another individual cannot fill their blank spaces. Self-loving people start relationships from a place of self-sufficiency. They know and can also teach people what they want and need. Equally, they can offer similarly positive things.