Take Your Meditation to the Next Level

o-MINDFULNESS-MEDITATION-facebook300Many people love their meditation practice but, for many reasons, abandon it after a while. While mediation can be challenging and engaging at the start, it can also become boring after a while, as much as practitioners and experts prefer not to admit it.

Since meditation is such a minimalist activity, it can seem repetitive and tedious after a while. There are, however, certain ways to spice up your meditation and keep it fresh and challenging.

1. Reschedule

Being overly strict about the time of day that we choose to meditate or for how long we meditate can result in disappointment and anguish when we don’t meet those expectations. Try to remember that doing even a little meditation on a regular basis, if not daily, is still better than none. Try to be flexible about how long or when you practice, and do not get angry at yourself for having to adjust those times.

2. Mise en scene

If your yoga or mediation room at home is starting to feel stuffy, why not try and meditate in nature, at a local beach, park or hiking trail? Outdoors is a natural setting for the practice of meditation – both challenging and rewarding at the same time.

3. Out of the box

Everyone has certain conceptions about what their meditation should look and feel like. Do not be scared to let your mind-at-rest go to new places and territory. You might just find that you are accessing new and different levels of consciousness.

4. New routine

When mediation becomes monotonous, start changing up your routine for a new perspective. Try small changes like keeping your eyes open or adding music to your practice. Get creative with these new elements and find the additions that work for you.