The Easy Way to Learn How to Play The Piano

pianoLooking for an easy way to learn how to play the piano? We checked out a new instructional piano playing program that can work for anyone. Pianoforall teaches you how to play the piano or keyboard even if you’ve never sat down in front of a piano before.

There’s something mysterious and beautiful about the power of piano playing. Ever see someone sit down at a piano and start to play any tune that comes to their head? It’s like the lights in the room get dim and a spotlight falls on the person. The piano is an awesome tool for performance and for making yourself the life of a party.

Piano playing used to be the common entertainment in the average American household. That meant that, even from a young age, everybody knew how to play. Just a few notes on the keys could get everyone up out of their seats and start to dance. No one thought playing the piano was all the special, because it was such an ordinary skill to have. There weren’t radios, there weren’t iTunes playlists, there were pianos.

Fast forward to today, where if you know how to play the piano you basically look a genius. Keyboards are also a huge part of many bands, which means knowing how to play the piano gives you a real chance of being regarded as a music professional and performing before huge crowds of people. It’s like being a rockstar—maybe not the flashy lead guitarist, but the cool one over to the side sitting behind the keyboard.

Pianoforall teaches you how that can be you.

The Pianoforall system takes you step-by-step through the learning process with interactive e-books that cover every aspect of playing piano. Party Time/Play by Ear teaches you how to jump right into a piano and play off the top of your head and to improvise using all the keyboard tricks so that you can turn any song into your own. Or if you feel like being a human playlist, learn all the famous rock and roll and blues tracks are in Blues and Rock ‘n’ Roll. Jazz Piano Made Easy will turn you into the cool jazzman sitting behind the keys in the smoky basement speakeasy. And that’s just where you start.

Pianoforall comes with 500 audio files that play right along with the e-book lessons. This lets you hear exactly how the songs you’re trying to learn should sound. There are also 200 piano playing demo videos, showing you what your hands should be doing. The explanations in the videos make it feel like having a piano instructor sitting right there in the room with you. It’s appropriate for people of all ages.

Pull up your stool, crack your knuckles, and order Pianoforall today.