The Most Important Survival Techniques Come Down To This

areyouImagine having a match that you could reuse over and over again. Imagine having a Zippo lighter that never runs out of fuel. Now imagine how much you would need a device like that if society started to break down and all law and order in our world disappeared.

That total disaster situation is closer to reality than many people feel comfortable acknowledging, but there are ways that you can make sure that you and your family stay safe in the worst case scenario of total societal breakdown. There are simple survival techniques and resources that will mean the difference between life and death. Having a lighter like the one described above helps, but so does getting ready for what is coming up ahead.

That’s why, one of the leading websites in the American survivalist movement, is giving away an Everstryke Match to everyone who signs up for site absolutely free. It’s a fifteen dollar value that could wind up being the most priceless possession that you own.

Everstryke Match gives you a light whenever you need one, no matter what the circumstances are. For a camper or a person who loves the outdoors, this is a handy tool to have around. For a survivalist, this is a life essential. Be prepared, and be prepared for the worst, but never be caught off guard.

Fitting snuggly in any wallet, purse, or pants pocket, the Everstryke Match can make itself handy in almost any situation where you need a light. The ferro rod wick contains everything that the device needs to reliably start fires. It’s better than the traditional matches you keep in your kitchen drawer because it won’t burn your fingertips, and it won’t sputter out. Even Zippo lighters run dry and have to be refilled. The O-Ring in the Everstryke Match makes the fuel last for a near-indefinite amount of time—the equivalent of a match you can relight 15,000 times.

“Above Average” Joe Marshall, the survivalist expert behind, can tell you: your survival in a total crisis situation will comes down to being able to make fire. It doesn’t matter how experienced you are in survival techniques, or how much you have prepared: without fire, you’re finished.

A free copy of the ebook Ultimate Survival Skills also comes with your initial membership. That means getting all of the tips that you need to manage the disaster looming on the horizon. But act now, because like those who are left to roam what is left of the world will know, scarcity is an issue: supplies of the Everstryke Match are limited and won’t last for long. If you want this awesome bonus you should sign up right away. It could come in handy sooner than you think.

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