The Secret Ingredient of Good Health



No, this short piece is not about the latest supplement pill, superfood, or calorie-disintegrating diet plan. While you might think that they key to good health lies in a healthful diet and consistent exercise (which are both good for you), what is equally is not most important is compassion. The negative energy of anger, hate and selfishness will derail any chance of true mind/body health you’re aiming for.

Compassion, a combination of love, caring, kindness, warmth, sensitivity and tolerance counteracts fear, anger and hatred. The positive energy of compassion, which opens the heart, will help transform you into a better person. Cultivating positive emotions and focusing not only on feeling, but BEING better people, is part of total mind/body revolution.

Kind, compassionate action begins as kind, compassionate thoughts. Thinking is the active energy that paves the way for the physical manifestation we call reality. The more energy we invest in acts of kindness and compassion, the more our own minds and bodies reap from the positive energy involved.

Just as you seek to keep your body in a sound, healthy state by burning off excess energy, ingesting only high-quality foods, so should you be purifying and maintaining your soul energy. Make the immediate area around you as healthy and nutritious as your dinner plate.

This is the key to good health.