There Is Still Hope If Your Marriage Is In Trouble

savethemarriageLee Baucom has created a relationship life support system—one that you can use if your marriage is in trouble and heading towards divorce. Save The Marriage is a step-by-step guide to how couples can find solutions to the real problems that have put their marriages in danger.

Why try to save something that’s broke? Why not just get the divorce? Lee says that many people do try to save their marriages, but they go about it in the completely wrong way: They go to marriage counseling.

Marriage counseling is deceptive, because most therapists who make themselves available to couples are actually not trained to work with more than one patient. That is one reason why in many cases—about 80% of the time—that therapy does nothing to save the marriage, instead it guides both spouses towards accepting that they have no other choice but to get divorced. Counseling can walk a couple through saying goodbye to each other, only to leave them at the doorstep of a divorce lawyer. And while counseling can cost as much as $15,000 for a year’s worth of visits, the lawyers are where the real financial pains of divorce begin.

It’s not unusual for legal proceedings and lawyer fees to total in at $30,000 in these cases. And that is before property and assets have even begun to be split up. Not to mention who is going to have to pay alimony or child support. The financial repercussions of ending a marriage can literally destroy people’s lives on both sides of the courtroom.

But the real costs of divorce are worse than any of the financial fallout. For children, living through a divorce means watching the two people they love the most in the world tear each other apart. It is a life-defining trauma they may never recover from.

Save The Marriage wants to intervene to stop any of that from happening. Built on a module system, what Save The Marriage offers you instead of marriage counseling is expert advice on navigating what to do when a marriage is in trouble. It addresses the 8 distinct paths that need to be fixed in order to shore up a failing marriage. With experience in saving marriages suffering from fallouts from infidelity, bankruptcy, lying, and many other problems, Save the Marriage is proven to work.

Your Marriage Still Has A ChanceTry It Now!

Does it work, though? As far as instructional programs go, we found this system to be honestly devoted to making sure its users got the results they were looking for: the skills needed to keep a couple together.

Through engaging concepts like finding a relationship’s “North Star” and “low mood therapy vs. high mood relating” Save The Marriage opens up new ways of thinking about problems and how marriages work. Another bonus to the system is that even if one partner isn’t interested in saving the marriage, the other one can still use what the system teaches to do something that can pull the marriage back from the brink.

If you are looking for a way to keep a marriage from falling apart, you need Save The Marriage.