Want Better Sleep? Try These Stretches!

Doctors and health experts recommend that every individual get eight hours of quality sleep every night. Sometimes, the positions in which we sleep can create pain and discomfort – disturbing our sleep and resulting in sleeplessness. Have you ever woken up with numbness in an arm or leg? Here is a list of stretches that will help various types of sleepers have a more restful nighttime:

Arm-Over-Head Sleepers

Crab stretch

Anchor your hands and feet on the floor, away from the body. Squeeze your glute muscles and press your hips until the front of the body is flat like a table top. Hold the position for a few seconds, with your chin pressed to chest. Breathe deeply. Repeat.Sleep - CrabWalk

Longus capitis

Lay on the floor. Press your hands towards your feet and into the floor, with knees bent. Lift your head off floor and curl your chin into chest. Maintain arm and leg tension as you uncurl the chin from chest, lowering your head to floor. Release neck retraction. Repeat six times. Make sure to exhale fully and avoid holding your breath.Sleep - LongusCapitis

SCM Stretch

Lay on the floor. Grab your heels. Anchor our feet. Retract your chin and tilt head to one side, without turning your neck. Hold the stretch and then return to first position, before releasing neck retraction.Sleep - SCM

Shoulder stretch

In a doorframe, press one forearm into the frame at a 90-degree angle. Anchor both feet on the floor. Roll your head toward the ceiling. Step forward and stretch for 30 seconds, breathing deeply.Sleep - ShoulderA

Fetal Position Sleepers

Kneeling lean back

Kneel on the floor with your knees at hip’s width apart. Squeeze your glute muscles and isometrically squeeze the knees towards one another. Lean back until you feel an intense burn. Make sure your lower back is flat. Hold for a few seconds. Repeat.Sleep - Fetal

Rectus femoris

Lay on your stomach. Pull one heel into the buttocks, pressing the held foot into your hands. Keep both hips firmly on the floor. Hold for 30 seconds. Switch feet and repeat.Sleep - FetalB


Kneel on the floor. Turn your back heels is outward. Squeeze the glute muscles as tight as possible. Press your hips forwards, without arching your low back. Add tension in the arms by pressing into the floor. Hold for 60 seconds. Switch legs and repeat.Sleep - Psoas

Stomach Sleepers

Hard roll

Lay on your stomach. Tense your entire body. Lift your right arm and right leg one inch off the floor, while pressing your left side firmly into the floor. Cross the right side past the midline, reaching for the floor on the opposite side (don’t thrust the limbs). Hold for eight seconds. Switch sides and repeat.Sleep - HardRoll