What Are the Rules that Make Happy Successful People?

happinessWe’d all like to know what guidelines the most successful and happy people in the world are using to make their lives so fulfilling. What makes them able to reach their goals unlike everybody else? Here are some of the guiding principles that healthy, happy successful people use to reach their goals and create the lives that they want.


They can check their egos, but they also know how to make themselves seen, heard, and respected.

Follow Through

They don’t drop things as soon as the going gets rough. What they begin, they’ll see them through to the end.

Think different.

For these people, they don’t have to think outside of the box: there isn’t a box to think outside of. They don’t let other people’s ideas stop them from imagining the world as they want to see it and make it.

Healthy, Strong Bodies

Exercise is part of the solution. They take the time out of their lives to make sure that their bodies match the way that they feel—good.


They know how to make themselves happy, which is why they get good results in life. Happy people also aren’t overly concerned with making other people happy. They’re the ones who other people go out of their way to please.

The Right Tribe

People who succeed surround themselves with friends and allies who they love and trust. This is their tribe. They keep out the noise because they don’t the negative people get close. They know who their tribe is, and know how to use them.

No Set Backs

When bad things happen they don’t think of them as the end of the world. They see problems as challenges that they can learn and grow from. This is why nothing seems to hold them back.

There Are Limitations

They know what the limits are. They don’t think there is a way to do everything, so they focus on the things that they can do 100%.

Natural Givers

They’re truly generous people. When they give, they don’t want anything in return. What’s good about this is that it pays them back, double.

Moving On

Happy people let the past go. It isn’t something that will drag them down, they move ahead instead of getting caught up in all the snags that try to catch them up along the way.

Higher Awareness

Spirituality for them doesn’t have to mean religion or meditation. Successful, happy people think and live in the world as parts of systems that only they can perceive. They can perceive the next level and they reach for it.