What Color is Your Urine? It Can Tell You A Lot…

via salakolondon.com

via salakolondon.com

Most people get a look at their urine without really paying attention to the precise color and shade. However, your urine’s color and changes to it can actually tell you a lot about your health.  Normal, healthy urine should be pale yellow in color. Various health-related conditions can affect this color.

Dark Yellow

Dark yellow urine is a sure sign of dehydration. Drink more water immediately until you see the color change back to clear or light yellow.

Red Color

A red tint to urine is probably caused by blood. Blood in urine could come from your kidneys, bladder, ureters, prostate or other organs. Consult a doctor immediately!

Dark Red/Black

If you’re urine looks like Coca Cola, you are most likely experiencing weakened and irregular liver functioning. Liver diseases like hepatitis, cancer, melanoma, cirrhosis, and others must be investigated immediately!


An orange tint to urine can be caused by certain medications as well as a large serving of carrots or sweet potatoes.

Please start respecting your urine! It is speaking to you about very important subjects through its colorful expressiveness.