What The Heck is That Extra Shoelace Hole For?!

via youtube

via youtube

You just bought a pair of new sneakers. You’re lovingly looking at your new kicks and all of a sudden you see it: that crazy extra hole at the top of the row. You’ve never noticed one like it before – much less ever used one. You’ve always just ignored that last, sidelined hole when threading your shoelaces. Well, those ignorant days are over – we’re about to change your relationship to shoes for the rest of your natural life!

Those extra holes are designed to prevent blisters on your heels and to prevent feet from being crammed into the front of a shoe. Tying shoelaces using the “heel lock” or “lace lock” method creates more friction at the top of the shoe, near your ankle. This prevents extra movement and keeps your heel and ankle in correct alignment.

Tying a “lace lock” is easy. Just thread the lace in backwards through the top hole so that you create a small loop on each side of the shoe.  Then, cross your laces and insert them on opposite sides. Be sure to start from the top and move downward – by pulling down towards the shoe you will create a nice tight fit that will keep your foot in place.  You can thank us later.

Check out the video below to see exactly how to use the “heel lock” method: