What The Size of Your Fingers Really Says About You…

via allwallpaper.in

via allwallpaper.in

Your hand holds mysterious messages you never even knew were there.  Scientists studying the human hand discovered that the length of the ring finger is an indicator of how much testosterone a fetus was exposed to during it’s time in its mother’s womb. The hormone testosterone has a real influence on your personality and appearance. Identifying your hand type and finger length will give you surprising insight. The study in question identified three basic types of hands: A, B and C.

A Type: Your ring finger is longer than your index finger

The people with Type A hands are usually super-attractive and charming. However, they are also often aggressive and overly outgoing. A longer ring finger often also correlates with high salaries.

B Type: Your ring finger is shorter than the index finger

If you have a shorter ring finger you are probably very emotionally in-touch with yourself and maybe even a bit narcissistic. You enjoy being alone and have a low tolerance threshold for annoyance. When it comes to love, you enjoy being chased rather than being the hunter.

C Type: Your ring finger and index finger are the same length

People with equally long fingers are usually peaceful types: they are good at mediating and radiate a calming vibe. They prove to be devoted partners and very emotionally stable.

Go ahead and check out your own fingers or determine your own and your friends’ types!