5 Fun And Convenient Fat-Destroying Gym Alternatives

87562436_XSThere are days when, whether because of a jam-packed schedule or simple lack of motivation, you don’t make it to the gym. No big deal. There are plenty of at-home exercises you can do instead. Here’s list of the best at-home calorie burners:



1. Inline skating = 850 calories p/hour

Skating is a powerful calories burner and also tones your thigh and butt muscles. The core muscles in the torso get strengthened from balancing and there’s not a lot of knee & joint stress involved. However, it does require having a pair of inline skates at home.

2. Running = 748 calories p/hour

By far the easiest exercise that can be done anywhere/anytime, running strengthens leg, butt, and core muscles. You can boost your calorie burning by alternating fast and slow paced periods.

3. Jumping rope = 680 calories p/hour

A favorite fast metabolism raising activity of boxers, this activity burns a ton of calories quite easily. Try jumping with your feet slightly apart and body upright, staying close to the ground. Stuck without a rope? You can do the movements without it.

4. Dancing = 441 calories p/hour

While not the most effective calorie burner, it’s by far the most fun. Who hasn’t caught themselves dancing in the mirror when alone at home? Just make sure to keep your dancing high-tempo and use all of the body.

5. Speed Walking = 340 calories p/hour

Yes, even walking is better than sitting still when you’ve missed a gym workout. However, this doesn’t include leisurely walking – the activity needs to raise your heart rate in order to burn fat. Get the most out of a power walk by taking fast, big strides. For even more of a calorie-burning boost, alternate two minutes of walking with one minute of jogging, repeatedly.