5 Top Fitness and Weight Loss Rules for Guys

abs111There is no shortage of men out there who need to change their lifestyles, get fit and lose some extra pounds. Over fifty percent of American men are overweight. Fitness isn’t just about appearances: your health is what’s at stake here. Being careful about what you eat and making sure that you get regular exercise—at least ten minutes of activity a day—are the keys to getting back into shape.

Be Consistent—If your workout regimen is going to work then you have to be dedicated to it. Designing your exercise routine is the starting point to staying fit. Make sure you don’t schedule too much gym time and wind up cheating yourself out of needed rest—that leads to burning out and quitting before you see results. Also, don’t miss your scheduled work out times. Once you skip one workout, you’re more likely to skip the next. Stick to it!

Mix It Up—You need to exercise different parts of your body in order to make sure that your body is continually challenged by your workout routines. Doing just one type of exercise will become ineffective over time as your body becomes more efficient at doing it. Try designing a workout routine that targets specific muscle groups on different days of the week. It will also keep you from developing your body unevenly.

Crunch the Numbers—There is nothing more cliché than the idea of calorie counting on a diet. It may not seem like the most masculine thing to do, but you should be keeping track of what is going into your body every day. That means counting the calories, fiber, carbohydrates, fats and the other nutrition information on your food’s labels. Make sure that you keep the food high in sugars to a minimum, and stay as far away as you can from trans-fats.

Size Matters—Every guy wants to have the big piece of chicken when he gets home, but maybe that’s not the best choice when you’re looking to drop a few pounds. Cut back on your portion sizes if you want to see your weight drop. Cutting back won’t make you seem unmanly, but piling your plate high will lead to excess weight gain.

Exercise Is Everywhere—Everything that you do during the day can be re-purposed as exercise. Choose the commute to work that includes a ten minute walk to the bus or train instead of just taking the car. If you do drive, try to park far away from where you’re headed so that you get some cardio on your way to and from work. When you go grocery shopping, turn your shopping bags into weights and do some reps.

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