A Weight Loss Plan to End the War Going on In Your Body

Apple FitnessBy now you’ve heard a ton of different pitches from weight loss programs telling you that they have a the one way that will help you finally take off all your excess fat, transform you into a thin, healthy individual, and that this time it will actually last. So how are you going to be able to tell if Flat Belly Forever is like all the other get-thin quick systems you’ve heard about on the internet or if it’s really as good as they say? It’s frustrating not being able to tell, even more so because you just want to find a way to lose weight, not waste your time.

When Flat Belly Forever’s Kyle Leon talks about fat loss, he points to research that shows how sometimes a person’s body is incapable of burning fat. Well how does that work? You see tons of skinny people on the street everyday. It turns out that your gastro-intestinal or G.I. tract is full of bacteria and that these are bacteria that control not just how much you weigh, but everything about your health. What’s more, not all of the bacteria in your gut does the same thing: some of it is good, but too much of the rest of it is going to harm you. When the balance between is on target—about 85% good bacteria to 15% bad bacteria—everything is okay. When that balance is off is when everything goes wrong. Through research, it turns out that overweight people uniformly have too much of the pathogenic bacteria in their stomachs. It’s been determined from this research that this imbalance causes the bad bacteria to gain control over a person’s stomach, killing healthy hormones and promoting the type of hormones like cortisol that make you put on fat. This is exactly why for some people it’s impossible to lose weight. These bad bacteria are hijacking your body’s nervous system to crave more foods that will help the bacteria grow in your stomach—namely eating more sugar, which is exactly what these bacteria need to grow. Flat Belly Forever says it has a way to change all that.

It’s an approach to the real problem of overeating and obesity in the modern world. The gut bacteria imbalance is made worse in the industrialized world thanks to the creation of highly effective bacteria killers that are found in ordinary household items and even in food sources. This is a diet that wants to make sure none of the good bacteria in your body are being killed off: even antibiotics are considered a threat. As Dr. Natasha Campbell Mcbride has claimed, there is a real link between the hereditary imbalance of gut bacteria and passing a susceptibility to disease from one generation to the next.

What Flat Belly Forever promotes is a system called microbolic rebalancing. Microbolic rebalancing is a strategy to get your body’s probiotic bacteria count up and to drive down the number of pathogenic bacteria in your stomach, returning you to a healthy state, maybe for the first time in your life. This is potentially a powerful, natural fat-burning method that is safe and easy to handle.