Don’t Get Fooled By Weight Loss Scams

Loss-Weight-Fast-headlineA few months ago, you probably heard about the solution to all of your weight-loss struggles. It was a dietary supplement that said using it could guarantee you’d lose twenty pounds or more within weeks—and without any exercise.

Times have changed: useless dietary supplements are getting called out for being ineffective and bogus. Even Dr. Oz has had to admit that a lot of the products he’s endorsed don’t do what they claim to do.

Here are some of the biggest warning signs you should be looking out for when you hear about some miracle dietary supplement that claims it can solve all of your weight loss problems.


Think that a testimonial means that the miracle diet supplement is going to work wonders for you too? Think again. Most likely, the website in question didn’t even try the product and made the whole thing up.

Perfect Weight Loss Forever

No weight loss product or strategy can guarantee that you won’t put weight back on. How could they know what your body is like, or what your eating habits are? The only way to achieve lasting weight loss is to work against it constantly. There isn’t a one-time solution out there, and it’s definitely not in a bottle.

It’s Fast!

Don’t trust any weight loss miracle claims that say you can shed weight in weekly installments of eight or nine pounds. Something is wrong if your weight loss is that rapid, and you’d be smart to seek medical advice. The reality is that weight loss takes time. A pound or two a week is a realistic pace.

Don’t Eat!

It’s the mark of a truly ineffective weight-loss supplement if it tells you that in order for it to be effective you have to drastically cut down the amount of food that you eat. It seems obvious to point out, but a total lack of calories would be more responsible for any weight loss that you experience while taking the dietary supplement than the supplement itself, which actually does nothing.

This One Weird Ingredient

Have you ever heard of some of the bizarre, tropical ingredients that go into miracle dietary supplements? No? That makes you more likely to believe that they possess some kind of amazing weight-loss benefits. Don’t be fooled by something just because you have never heard of it before.

Do Nothing!

Hard work is the only way to make sure weight loss is real. Any pill that says it can offer you the same results while you sit around eating chips is trying to fool you about what it can do. This is the worst offense of the miracle dietary supplements, because it’s the one that says we can have it both ways: Reduce excess weight while still indulging and being lazy. If you want to be thin, you’re going to have to work on it!

OK so now that we have established that “miracle” weight loss supplements are a scam, here is a program that really does work (but this is only for people who are serious about losing weight and being healthy and are willing to put in the work needed).