Don’t Throw Out Your Fat Clothes!

bigstock-big-jeans-12511619-e1378905443932300Everyone who’s ever lost a significant amount of weight knows the wonderful feeling: you wake up one morning, try on the “skinny jeans” you’ve been keeping at the back of the closet for just this day and, lo and behold, they fit!

At this point, it’s any successful dieter’s first instinct to go out and buy all kinds of clothes that look great on his or her newly svelte figure and dump all the older, larger-sized stuff.

However, keeping a pair or two of your bigger pants or dresses might do you some good.

Eliminating any trace of your old self is simply a denial of the struggle you faced and conquered. This kind of denial could actually work against you – making it easier to fall back into bad habits and gain back the lost weight. An informative account in the magazine Psychology Today tells exactly such a story and recommends embracing one’s less-than-appealing past in order to not repeat its mistakes. In the case of weight loss, that means holding on to some of the “fat clothes” you’d rather forget. Every time you see them, you’ll remember how hard you worked to get to where you are. That reminder just might prevent you from eating that extra brownie.