Put Down The Chips! Here Are The 6 Best Workout Motivation Tips

via jmfitnessuk.com

via jmfitnessuk.com

There’s no debate about whether exercise is healthy and beneficial – so why do we often find little to no motivation to get out to the track, gym or pool?

Here are a few motivational tips to help you show up at your next workout:


There are SO many kinds of workouts available these days: spinning, HIT, kick boxing, swimming – the list is endless. Make sure to choose something that you actually enjoy – it will guarantee that you show up more often. When you don’t enjoy something, you’re obviously less likely to do it.

Anyone who enjoys being outdoors could start running, swimming or rock climbing. Social types can enjoy team sports like volleyball or basketball.


Transform your negative attitudes about health & fitness. If you constantly tell yourself that you “hate” exercise, you will. Instead, be positive!

Be Realistic

Workout and weight loss goals are great, but let’s keep it real. Building unrealistic goals is just setting yourself up to fail. Start slow and steady – it’s better for long term results. Setting small goals and achieving them will also make you feel better about yourself. Forget the empty promises you’ve heard on late-night infomercials – no diet or workout plan will have you looking like a supermodel after only a few weeks of exercise. Patience, persistence and hard work will deliver results eventually. Work out regularly and you will see changes in your body, but it won’t happen overnight.

Humans are creatures of habit and routine. Pick a certain day and time to do your exercise and stick to it. Soon enough, your brain will connect those conditions with working out and you’ll do it automatically – without question or procrastination.


Revel in and relish the sensation of a great workout, or waking up feeling a few pounds lighter: the feelings of satisfaction will motivate you even further. Notice the changes in your mood and body that your positive lifestyle changes have brought about. Also, don’t forget to connect with people: if you strike up friendships in the gym you are more likely to continue to go to the class. Be friendly – nobody cares if you’re sweating like a racehorse.


Music is a tremendous motivator for most people during long, tedious workouts. Find some upbeat tunes that you love and take them with you to your next workout.