The New Book That Says Low-Calorie Diets Don’t Work

overweightMichael Wren’s Weight Destroyer Program says that your low-calorie diet is doing more harm to your body than good. We checked out The Weight Destroyer Program to see what it’s all about and if we shouldn’t be counting all those calories after all.

There’s more than one problem with low-calorie diets, Michael Wren says in The Weight Destroyer Program. First off, they don’t work. People who start cutting their calorie-intake down are surprised when they don’t see the dramatic weight loss they were promised when they started the diet. For many people, even people who are exercising properly, the promised weight-loss never materializes.

The Weight Destroyer Program says another thing that keeps people from losing weight on low-calorie diets is how they exercise. For people on a strict low-calorie diet, exercising for more than thirty minutes a week is actually causing your starved metabolism to store the fat in your body in such a way that it will NEVER go away. The science behind this is explained fully, and it makes a lot of sense. Muscles need the proteins and nutrients that you get when you eat. Starving yourself and trying to burn fat at the same time just doesn’t work.

The science behind these ideas is sound. And Michael Wren talks about these weight loss with the kind of passion that makes you believe that if you try them you can lose weight. Some of that may have to do with the fact that he says these fitness ideas wound up saving his life.

What did we think? The Weight Destroyer Program is a solid alternative to the low-calorie diet/exercise combination that fails so many people. It has a lot of useful eating tips for foods that you can eat that won’t deprive your body of the nutrients it needs and also won’t add to weight gain. The exercise plan involved is less harmful to your body and easy for anyone to do. The plan is strongly opposed to excessive water drinking, and that may seem funny at first, but once they explain why drinking eight or more glasses of water a day could be a problem you’ll wonder why no one else has ever pointed it out to you before.

All around we were impressed. Obesity is the cause of so many health problems. If The Weight Destroyer Program could wind up saving your life, it’s probably worth the chance. It’s not a miracle diet, it’s just a combination of sound eating advice and healthy exercise techniques. Applying these ideas is most of the challenge. If you can do that, you could lose weight. But that’s about you more than The Weight Destroyer Program. As the saying goes, your mileage may vary.

The Weight Destroyer Program could be what finally gives you the life-saving weight loss you’ve been looking for. To get your copy, click here.