13 Tips To Save Energy And Money Easily 


downloadElectricity and heating costs can get very expensive. The more devices and appliances we acquire, the more energy we need to consume. Smartphones, televisions, game systems, computers – it all adds up. By the end of the month, energy bills can be surprising and scary, but you aren’t defenseless. Here are a few simple and easy tips to lower your electricity costs. Give them a try!



1.  Keep your home’s doors and windows closed, including the doors to unused rooms.

2. Only was full loads of laundry and use a lower temperature.

3. Try air drying certain kinds of clothes indoors or outdoors to cut down on laundry expenses.

4. Remove collected lint form the drying machine after every load, to reduce drying time.


5. Unplug unused appliances – they eat up energy even when off.

6. Close window curtains to keep the heat in or out.

7. Keep windows and doors closed when the air conditioner or heater is working.

8. Put a filled soda bottle, marbles or a stone into the toilet reservoir to reduce water costs.


9. Switch from baths to showers – they require four times less water.

10. Tightly pack your freezer to minimize wasted cooling costs.

11. Reheat food and leftovers in the microwave rather than the oven – it uses less energy.

12. Use your dishwasher only to wash dishes, and then open the machine to let them air dry.

13. Air thaw frozen foods before cooking. This will save on cooking time and therefore energy and money.