4 Things to Do If Debt Collectors Come After You

debtcallsYou just hung up the phone in one of the worst conversations you’ve ever had. You’re scared and angry and you don’t know what to do. No, you didn’t just have a fight with your parents, or even with one of your friends. You just got a call from a debt collector. What can you do? Should you never pick up your phone again if you don’t recognize the number? Should you move out of your house? Should you panic? Here are four things to do when debt collectors start coming after you.

1. Is This Guy For Real?

It may sound silly, but the first thing to do if a debt collector starts calling you up is to figure out if they are for real. There are scam artists who pose as debt collectors, who target people they find out owe money to other people. Tell them to provide credentials or hang up the phone.

2. Know That You Have Rights

The debt collector on the other end of the phone will make a lot of threats just to scare you into paying. Not a lot of these threats are anything debt collectors can legally do to you, they’re just empty threats. Debt collectors can’t tell anyone you owe money, make violent threats, and can’t call you at work after you tell them to stop.

3. Don’t Give Them the Digits

If you’re ready to pay your debt off, don’t just give all of your bank information to the debt collector. With that kind of access they will clean you out. Pay the old fashioned ways like money order or cashier’s check.

4. Get Your Hands On Some Cash

One way to make sure the debt collectors go away is to pay off the debt you owe. If you’re looking to pay off your debt right away but don’t have the money in your account, try taking out a pay day loan on GoLoansGo A short term loan like this can help you move funds around so you can pay off one debt without the lights getting cut off. It’s not a complicated process. You get:

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