4 Ways to Make a Pound Last Longer

Running out of time before your cheque comes in the post? Are you afraid the money you have just won’t last? Here are four ways to stretch out each pound you have.

1. Mind the Gap

To make a pound last longer your must know how much you’ll be spending until the end of the month. The gap between what you have and what you need to spend needs to shrink. Start by cutting out all your unessential spending. Sorry, lads, no new toys this month.

2. Turn Your Flat Into a Goldmine

There are a lot of ways to get more money out of your flat. Find a flatmate. Sell your furniture. You can even make it fun. Throw a “rent party” where you charge admission at the door to help make the rent—just make sure you don’t spend too much hosting.

3. Throw Bad Plans Into the Bin

Try giving your phone carrier a ring and see if they can offer you a better rate. Most will lower what you have to cough up if you convince them that you’re ready to take your business elsewhere. Some banks will give you a nice bonus by opening up a new account with them. Free money!